Who is jon mclaughlin dating when does dating turn into a relationship

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Who is jon mclaughlin dating

The thing journalists have had to learn with Donald Trump: You cannot treat this administration as normal because there’s nothing normal about it.So what’s the best strategy for the media covering the Trump White House?

And yet you’re clearly not very happy about where the country has been heading.Whereas with this, I would venture to say that six out of ten Americans feel the way I do about this administration.Even those who are for the administration —  it’s important for even them to understand, if we can get to them, and we generally can’t, that it shouldn’t be normal.AM Joy now regularly pull in around 1 million viewers, with the Sunday edition of the show boosting MSNBC to its biggest audience ever in the 10 a.m.–noon timeslot.What’s more, Reid’s ratings are up between 50 and 60 percent versus last year, doubling and even tripling the growth of competing weekend programs on CNN and Fox News.

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As much as the unashamedly liberal Reid loathes the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, his rise to power over the past two years has helped transform her from a key utility player on the MSNBC roster to one of the network’s bigger stars.

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